Mount Equity Group Review of the Top Nickel Mining Stocks to Watch in 2022

Mount Equity Group Review of the Top Nickel Mining Stocks to Watch in 2022 

Tesla is one of the most influential electric vehicle (EV) markets, and it could hold a significant 2022 stock prediction. Nickel is an essential material for the longer-range cars requiring more powerful batteries produced by Tesla. 

The annual deal is estimated to be for 18,000 tonnes to supply approximately 450,000 vehicles, just under what Tesla sold in 2020. BHP is now changing hands at $62 per share and has popped by over 6% on the news. Mount Equity Group Review surmises the importance of getting nickel mining stocks in 2022 in preparation before the company stock prices skyrocket.

Sustainable Nickel Mining Penny Stocks

Mount Equity Group Review shares strong penny stocks that are mining sustainable green nickel and are well-positioned to supply the other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as the EV adaptation heats up.

Here are the top three options:

1. Canada Nickel Company 


This penny stock has been up 31% over the last six months, and over the 12months, it is up 181.4% and still has a lot more to offer. Canada Nickel is an OTC QB Listed with an average of 33k shares traded over a 30-day period and over 85.1m shares outstanding. Canada Nickel is extending the next generation of high potential and high-quality nickel-cobalt undertakings to produce the metals necessary to feed the high-growth stainless steel market and power the electric vehicle revolution.

Canada Nickel possesses leading nickel industry expertise, concentrating on minimal-risk yet well-established mining jurisdictions. The company has established NetZero Metals Inc. to devise zero-carbon Nickel, Iron, and Cobalt production and applied for the trademarks of NetZero Nickel, NetZero Cobalt, and Netzero Iron across several jurisdictions. 

Crawford, the main project, is among the top 5 nickel sulfide operations globally and the largest single nickel sulfide mine outside Russia. Tesla has signed contracts with the third and the fourth largest players more recently with BHP’S Nickel West and Vale’s Sudbury project.

2. Talon Metals


Mount Equity Group Review checked Talon Metals is OTC Pink Listed with an average of 298k shares traded over a 30-day period and over 683.4m shares outstanding. Talon collaborates with Rio Tinto on the high-quality Tamarack Nickel-Copper-Cobalt Project comprising the Tamarack North and Tamarack South projects. They have a significant focus on green nickel from mine to final battery, looking to leverage Tesla’s plea for a sustainably mined nickel. 

Tesla promised to give a giant contract for a long time for nickel mined efficiently in an environmentally sensitive way. They recently announced that three leaders from Rio Tinto had joined the Talon Metals team as the Tamarack Nickel Project became critical to the domestic EV battery supply chain. Their move to Talon signifies a new step in their pilgrimage to becoming a foremost contributor in the US supply chain of EV batteries.

3. Sherritt International Corp


It has a share price sitting at 40cents and a market cap of $158m. this penny has been flat over the last six months, up by just 4.6%, but over the previous 12months, it is up 148.6%. Sherritt is OTC Pink Listed with an average of 11.6k shares traded over a 30day period and over 397m shares outstanding. Sherritt is a world leader in the mining and refining nickel and cobalt metals, essential for the growing adoption of electric vehicles. It is also the largest independent energy producer in Cuba. 

Over the longer term, Sherritt is well-positioned to create significant economic and environmental value. It capitalizes on high purity nickel’s rising demand as the market adoption of electric vehicles accelerates.


Diversification is always a good option for most investors, and you can make a portfolio of companies with high potential using possible demands. In 2022, you should try to be creative with the readily-available information and make future-focused decisions.

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