Some Important Charities that Accept Bitcoins and Other Crypto

Some Important Charities that Accept Bitcoins and Other Crypto 


For several people cryptocurrency is all about the latest tokens, gains, and charts but did you know anything about the crypto donations. That is correct. The charities globally have started to accept the crypto with many of the globe’s charities accepting crypto payments or donations which are of Bitcoin, altcoins, Ethereum, and so on. So, if you have a stack of cryptocurrencies and feel charitable towards your fellowmen then here is a list of some of the charities that accept crypto donations. They are as follows –

  1. Crypto Fund UNICEF – 

In the year 2019, UNICEF becomes the 1st United Nations Org. to hold and receive and reallocate cryptocurrency. Since then, the UNICEFs Crypto Fund has got 8 Bitcoins and 2527 Ethereum. This helped them to make an investment in the start-up and in emerging & developing countries. For instance, the Crypto Fund of UNICEF invested 25 Ethereum in an emergency response to Kenya, nearly 20 Ethereum in AI and Blockchain technology in Argentina as a start-up, and nearly 12 Ethereum in digital fiscal services for the refugees in Rwanda.

  1. EFF i.e., Electronic Freedom Foundation Non-Profit Org. – 

It is one of the most popular international digital rights NPO that provides online privacy and civil freedom and promotes funding for legit matters and political action is also organized by them for or against technology and legislation that works against personal freedom both offline and online. It protects the rights and freedom and ensures and protects the rights and freedom which is respected worldwide and people have benefited from the work of this NPO indirectly. Here you can make donations of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum and you can also choose to get back EFF swag in turn of your donations.

  1. RFF i.e., Rainforest Foundation – 

One of the major issues that the planet is facing these days is deforestation. It is very important to protect the present-day rainforest and other established forests are important in and around the globe. Climate change and atmospheric turbulence are some of the problems that people face. RFF has raised more than ½ million $$$ donations in crypto and the organization is protecting 2.5 SQ. miles of the rainforest with the donation of 1ETH. Some of the donations that the RFF accepts are Solana, USD coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Cardano.

  1. Royal National Lifeboat Institution – 

It is a special UK-based charity and all the work is incredibly important for us. They mainly protect the United Kingdoms’ coastline, sailors, and citizens and train 100s of volunteers national and international. Since its inception, it has saved more than 140,000 people and most of the budget comes from donations. In the year 2014, it accepted Bitcoin donations and has received 20 BTC since then.

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