How Does An Online Banking App Helpful For Fund Transfers?

How Does An Online Banking App Helpful For Fund Transfers? 

An online savings account is a type where we need to maintain a minimum balance. We can also open a zero balance account where our account balance can go down to zero, which will not attract any penalties. An online banking platform helps us access all our account information. We can also pre-close our guarantees and have funds credited to our selected bank account. 

It lets us perform real-time fund transfers between our accounts and beneficiary accounts. It not only allows us to open bank account online but also we can avail multiple other services such as ordering a new cheque book, checking the status of our cheques and marking stop payments on our cheques online. Moreover, we can quickly add or delete beneficiaries and view a list of debit cards with the help of the virtual platform. Nowadays, we can protect our investment app through multiple authentication factors to ensure complete safety, security, and transparency. 

What Are The Services It Offers?

Users can now explore hundreds of banking and lifestyle services through online bank account opening, and those are as follows:

  • We can instantly check our account balance and request detailed bank statements, chequebooks, etc.
  • It allows us to transfer funds using various payment options, including IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, UPI, Scan & Pay, and more.
  • Bank account online open has become a simple task over a video call. We can also make multiple fund transfers in just one transaction.
  • A digital banking app is the one-stop solution to easily schedule payments, manage transfer limits, apply for a bank credit card, and complete KYC over a video call.
  • Bank open account online further helps one apply for automobile loans, personal loans, and insurance. In addition, we can also invest in mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and equities with the help of the virtual platform.
  • Presently, it has become straightforward to apply for new shares listed on the exchanges, open fixed deposit or recurring deposit accounts, and book locker facilities at our branches without any hassles. 
  • We can set automatic payments for regular monthly bills and also enjoy great offers across different categories through online shopping from the comfort of our homes.  
  • It also provides a lot of other exclusive offers so that we can enjoy lifestyle banking services like hotel, cab, flight, bus booking, etc. 

At present, digital banking apps play a significant role in opening instant savings accounts, money transfers, credit card applications, utility bill payments, and more. Its vision is to provide a secure and intuitive online banking experience to its customers which is convenient, flexible, and customer-focused. Most of these platforms use multi-level security and encryptions to ensure that our data is safe with them. They also do not share our personal information with third parties without confirmation. So, in conclusion, we can say that modern technologies, including artificial intelligence, are beneficial to making everyday banking more personal and relevant to us.


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